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Frequently Asked Questions

How am I supposed to get my family to be well behaved and cooperate for 4-10 hours? 


There is no need to cooperate or perform for the camera! Just live out a typical day of family life as you would normally- whatever that entails. It may take a little time for everyone to get used to the camera and I but before you know it you’ll forget I’m there to make photographs. I’m on high alert for when real, special, everyday moments happen- and ready to capture them.

How does a session work?


On the day of the session, I will arrive at our pre-arranged time and once the camera is in my hand the shoot starts. You go about your typical day with your family, whether it be inside your house, in the backyard or a walk at a nearby park. I follow along and capture life as you live it. There is no posing or directions from me, just enjoy the day with your family and I’ll make beautiful photos.


How can I book a session? 


Fill out a 'contact me' form with an approximate timeframe you’d prefer, and we can work out a time. 


How long does it take to receive the photos after a photo session?


Within a week after your session you will receive a 5-10 photo (low resolution) “sneak peek”. Within approx. 3 weeks you will get access to your private online gallery. Extended galleries (if ordered) may take an additional week to complete.


Will I receive digital or hardcopy photos? 




Both session packages (at the base price) include access to 40 - 100 (depending on session length), high resolution edited images in a private online gallery. There are options to purchase the full resolution files, and even a large extended gallery. Online galleries can be shared easily with family and friends.


Both packages also include a 10 x 10-inch beautiful art print photobook. The book will contain around 30 – 50 of the best images from the day (that you help pick) and takes 2-3 months from the session date for production. For a $100 more there is an archival book with more design options to choose from. 

If we book a session will you post our photos on your website or social media?


Session prices are based on your willingness to let me share a few photos here or on social media to be able to promote my services. However, I won’t mention names or tag anyone (unless you want me to). I will occasionally write a blog post about my recent sessions to share on my website.

If you would prefer I didn't share your photos, this can be arranged at an additional cost.  

Why are family documentary photos perfect for my family? 

  • The best thing about family documentary photos is that you don’t need to pose! You just need to be yourself. Your most precious memories of your life everyday are worth saving. 

  • Posed and directed photography don’t often tell the story of what your life is really like. Documentary photos will help to preserve the memories of your kids’ personalities, not just what they looked like.

  • Share the story of your family life with extended family that may not live close by (that's what I do!). 

  • Most importantly they help tell and preserve the story of your family for future generations.


Why does Josh enjoy making family documentary photos? 


I love the realism of photography. I think everyday life is beautiful, everyone has an interesting story, and (while it is hard to do and a lot of work!) the best photography is of people and the world, as they are. 

I treasure my dad’s photos of me, mum and my siblings when we were growing up. They are the key that helps to unlock forgotten moments in time. I want my son to look back at photos of us and be able to remember the times we had together, and I’d love to do the same for other families.

What is Josh like during a session? 

Once we get to know each other, you’ll start to forget a photographer is there taking heaps of photos! I tend work quietly in the background. The great thing about working like this is it allows me to capture some really special moments.

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