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Hi! I'm Josh. Thanks for stopping by! 


I’ve been around cameras and photography my whole life. My dad was a photo printer, and took lots of photos and footage of me and my siblings when we were growing up. My mum has told me a few times about how when she was in labour with me, the trip to the hospital was delayed because she had to wait for my dad to get his camera gear organised! I'm so grateful to my dad for taking the time to document our lives when we were little kids. We have so many great family moments and memories recorded. They have become more valuable to me as I’ve gotten older, not only to me, but fun to show my 3 year old son.


I grew up in USA and came to Australia about 10 years ago, for both a holiday and to connect with my Australian mum’s family. When I got to Melbourne I really seemed to feel at home so I decided to stay! Meeting an amazing Australian girl (who is now my wife) may have also had something to do with it. My siblings and most of my family still live in the USA. 


As a sort of super short life story of other aspects of my life from childhood to the present: 

  • I was a huge fan of trains growing up. Something that my son seems to have inherited. I get to buy new trains and pretend they are for him! 

  • Lego - Something else I am pleased to say my son has inherited. 

  • Musician – I played in my high school orchestra on the double bass and also played Bass in a few bands.

  • Baker/pastry chef – after high school I went to culinary school and then worked as a pastry chef in the US and Melbourne. 

  • Economist – I studied economics at uni and worked at a large economic consulting firm 

The birth of my son in 2017 got me deeper into photography than I had probably ever been. Not just from taking photos of him (my


wife jokes about the magnitude of photos I’ve taken of him and everyone he comes into contact with) but photography more generally. When I get some down time, I like to make photos at night too. Sometimes of the night sky, but mostly of the Melbourne and surrounding streets at night (you can see some of it here).


When I watch TV, it is usually something I have seen a couple dozen times already (like South Park or Schitt’s Creek), and I am doing something else at the same time (like going through and rating/deleting photos). 


Now that you know a little more about me, I look forward to spending a few hours with your family to capture your special moments. 


You can find out more about what a session is like, and my approach here 

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