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Why documentary family photography?

Documenting my family

“Documentary family photography preserves the story of your family life right now: nothing posed or directed; simply honest moments, beautifully photographed.” – Documentary family photographers (

Have you ever thought “I wish there was more photos of me as a kid” or “I wish I could remember what my first home looked like”? Often it is not until we look back on our lives many years later that we wish we had taken the time to document what life was like. To be able to look back on moments in time and share them with the people we love is what documentary family photography is about. 

Your home and the places you visit regularly are part of your history, so let’s remember them in photographs. Children can show off their individuality by wearing their most favourite outfit and their personalities can shine through the stories told by the photographs. Documentary family photography is for you and your family today, and for your kids and grandkids into the future.  

During the time I spend with you, I will be making photos of all aspects of daily life. This includes happy moments, tantrums, sibling rivalries and bedtime rituals. Nothing is better than the realities of life and the small special moments that pass fleetingly by. 

Documentary family photography is a small, but growing niche in the market. It could be a better fit for you if you want beautiful photos of your family but don’t enjoy the thought of posing for photos. 


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